Is Genesis History?

I saw a documentary on Netflix and it really impressed me. I recommend you take the time and watch the whole 1:44 minutes of it. You need to hear and see the evidence, be open minded. Here is a trailer but don’t just stay there. Watch the whole documentary.


D.A.R.E is a nationwide program that is offered to schools to inform and empower kids of all ages to say no to drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, internet safety and bullying, and to be a confident, yet not a proud individual, that can influence their peers in a positive way.

I am really impressed in what they do. If this program is not offered in your school ask for it from your local police department, your school teacher or principal.

Matheson Hammock Park

A glimpse of Matheson Hammock Park in Miami. This could be your next in the list for your summer plans.  My recommendation, go early to enjoy cool temperatures and a benign Sun, or late in the afternoon to enjoy sitting in the beach and then the sunset colors and ambiance. Great family oriented place. You can also bring your bikes and enjoy the trails and scenery.