A lesson learned can be re-learned

So today I went for a run. I was expecting to be a usual one, full of energy and desire to conquer. To my surprise as I started running I was feeling like I don’t want to do this and my body was just not feeling right.

Then it dawn on me. Couple hours before a co-worker had a bag of wafers sitting on her desk crying eat me. So I followed the call. I ate one after the other as she did not mind it. Forward again to my run and it was the worst I had in quite a while. It was a run-walk that became more of a walk-run.

We can also apply this principle to our own kids, they are athletes and they need the best nutrition they can get to support their growth, the demands of school and gymnastics.

I had made a decision to cut down on sugars drastically which has been one of the best ones I had ever made. But, I had to admit. Today I feel flat and got to realize again in flesh and body the effects of refined sugar. Lesson re-learned. STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR.