Sugar, friend or foe?

Well this is probably the one thing I can passionately talk about. Sugar affects our body in such a negative way. I don’t know why it is not a banned substance. Probably because it makes us feel good (Like all banned substances) … but not in the long term and the health consequences are many.

In gymnastics, as in all sports, nutrition is key. Even though the athlete has to consume a higher amount of calories a day than the average human does, due to the constant training and energy consumption, the sources of energy and nutrition that we choose affect the outcome.

As a parent we can guard our children (and ourselves) by providing the right sources of nutrition and energy which will turn in to proper recovery , better performance and diminish or prevent the risk of injuries.

I want to share this image from a website that gives us a quick glimpse of why we should stop consuming sugar and that includes our child athlete, non-athlete and us.

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Created by Lisa Richards

Credits to Lisa Richards, digestive expert.

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