Nancy Edison – A Story of Faith.

I love the story of Nancy and her son Thomas Edison, whom as a kid was labeled “addled” (unable to think clearly, confused) by a school administrator where he attended. He was then taken out of the school by his mother Nancy, who decided to home-school him. Years later he became one of the greatest inventors of his time. He invented the electric light bulb.

Her attitude was one of not giving up on her child. We can learn from this woman who trusted, believed and saw that her son was special, and the result of her work was a brilliant man that became an inventor. Each one of our kids is special. Do not allow anyone to label him/her or be discouraged when things do not appear to be working out. Your son/daughter is a gem and it is up to us to bring the best out of them. No one else can do it better, no matter what the limitations appear to be.


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