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Oatmeal Protein Bars

Well, I am currently baking a batch of oatmeal protein bars.  This will be the tester batch and once approved by us and the kids, I will post a list of ingredients and a video tutorial on how to make them. The mix smells delicious and it is made of healthy ingredients so we expect it to be a keeper. Stay tuned ………

Voila! They are keepers.


A lesson learned can be re-learned

So today I went for a run. I was expecting to be a usual one, full of energy and desire to conquer. To my surprise as I started running I was feeling like I don’t want to do this and my body was just not feeling right.

Then it dawn on me. Couple hours before a co-worker had a bag of wafers sitting on her desk crying eat me. So I followed the call. I ate one after the other as she did not mind it. Forward again to my run and it was the worst I had in quite a while. It was a run-walk that became more of a walk-run.

We can also apply this principle to our own kids, they are athletes and they need the best nutrition they can get to support their growth, the demands of school and gymnastics.

I had made a decision to cut down on sugars drastically which has been one of the best ones I had ever made. But, I had to admit. Today I feel flat and got to realize again in flesh and body the effects of refined sugar. Lesson re-learned. STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR.

Encouraging and caring for our young athletes

Gymnastics is a sport that has become extremely competitive for very young athletes. That is why parents have the necessity to be involved in nurturing, encouraging and caring for them. Coaches train our kids in what they know best….gymnastics. But we have a major role to play in their emotional and health well being.

Emotionally, we need to constantly motivate them to follow their coaches instructions, to stretch, to condition, to train hard, and remind them of the results of doing such things consistently. Praise them every time they conquer a new skill, show them to enjoy every milestone they reach, encourage them when they are struggling trough one. Talk to them, ask them how their workout went, keep an open line of communication, let them know that you are in this with them, that it matters to you too.

The nutrition requirements in this sport are very demanding, so we need to research, learn and provide them with such type of nutrition. Watch closely if your child looks, or comments that he or she is tired at all times, or if they are very prone to injuries. That is a sign that they are not getting the proper nutrition and hydration. Sugars, foods and drinks, prepared with high contents of sugar should be avoided. (See this link Sugar, friend or foe?).

They need to consume high quality protein found in eggs, chicken breast, fish, protein, shakes and bars for snacks (watch their content, read the labels). Vegetables, seeds and grains provide them with the wholesomeness of nature with vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and life giving macro-nutrients. The list goes on.

Last but not least they need to stay hydrated in and out of the gym.

Yes, you can! Don’t be overwhelmed, ask your child coaches, read, learn, research and make the necessary changes, and you will see your young ones thrive even more.

Sugar, friend or foe?

Well this is probably the one thing I can passionately talk about. Sugar affects our body in such a negative way. I don’t know why it is not a banned substance. Probably because it makes us feel good (Like all banned substances) … but not in the long term and the health consequences are many.

In gymnastics, as in all sports, nutrition is key. Even though the athlete has to consume a higher amount of calories a day than the average human does, due to the constant training and energy consumption, the sources of energy and nutrition that we choose affect the outcome.

As a parent we can guard our children (and ourselves) by providing the right sources of nutrition and energy which will turn in to proper recovery , better performance and diminish or prevent the risk of injuries.

I want to share this image from a website that gives us a quick glimpse of why we should stop consuming sugar and that includes our child athlete, non-athlete and us.

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Created by Lisa Richards

Credits to Lisa Richards, digestive expert.